Hart Vooruit - Coaching & Training

For conscious people in their twenties and thirties who are done with just muddling through life.

Are you..

.. often sad without really knowing why, while your life is perfect from a distance?

.. always busy, but still not sure what you really want to do?

.. bending over backwards to meet the expectations of others?

My website is still under construction. If you are interested in any of my products and services, please contact me at marcella@hartvooruit.nu with all of your questions.

Book a first meeting-session, without costs and waiting list.

In a first get-to-know-each-other meeting without any obligations, where we discuss your situation and discover what you need to take the next step. We will get to know each other and I will tell you more about how I usually work.

At the end, we can decide together whether there is a click and whether we are going to work together, or whether you need more time to  think about it or if you need something else. If this last option is the case, I also like to think along with you about what is needed.

Hart Vooruit is happy to help you in a way that suits you.

What do you choose?

Personal blend

Find balance with essential oils. 


Release your doubts with creativity.

Personal sessions

Changing your life step by step.

Niets kost meer moed dan je hart volgen.