Information about the oils

Find more information about the oils used in the Find what Matters Workshop.

Below we share more about the emotional properties of the oils used in the workshop and extra tips on how to use these specific oils.

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  • Put 1 or 2 drops on a handkerchief or tissue underneath your pillow to help breathe through a cold.
  • Add 1 or 2 drops in your shower for a spa experience.


  • Rub one drop on the bottom of each foot or diffuse for a restfull sleep.
  • Add 25 drops to 250 ml carrier oil (fractionated coconut oil or any other ordorless oil) to use for a relaxing massage.


  • Diffuse a few drops with water to naturally repel bugs.
  • Smell from the bottle or by applying 1 drop into the palms of your hands to ground and relax.

Wild orange

  • Use 1 or 2 drops in your water/ cocktail for uplifting flavour.
  •  Add 2 drops to a spray bottle with water (or vinegar) to cleanse surfaces.