Marcella Hartjes

Conscious Entrepreneur | Planiting seeds of love | Applied Psychologist


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I want to meet people, with and without their masks. I want to show myself, with and without my masks. I want to dance barefooted and let my voice be heard, even if it seems so trivial at times. I believe that at the core, we are all the same. Really all of us. And that when we meet at a space of knowing that, magic happens.

I am a creative, conscious entrepreneur, coach and applied psychologist and work a lot with other life artists to put beautiful coachings, retreats, a podcast, workshops and other heart projects such as the Circle of Resilience into the world. In addition, I make personal blends with essential oils to reinforce your personal intention or theme.

‘What if we were transparent about our own failures, not as some kind of performative vulnerability, but as an invitation to collectively destigmatize the messy process of lifelong learning.’
– Rachael Alaia