Persoonlijke blend

In balans met etherische oliën

A personal blend for you.

Reminding you of your intention
Supporting you to make a sacred space
Helping to create your birth space

A personal blend is a mix of different essential oils that is tuned to your intention, theme and/or scent preferences. All blends are unique and assists you to focus on what it is you want to create. 

Choose a theme or intention and I will tune in on that while creating your blend. 
I use my nose, my intuition and literature that describes (emotional) properties to different scents.

What you wil receive

  •  a 10ml roller bottle OR 50 ml spray
  • a message or quote, that fits your blend and you can use as an affirmation or mantra
  • a description of the properties of each individual oil in your personal blend
  • information on how to use your blend
  • small tester with pure essential oil

10 ml oil roller for €21
50 ml spray bottle for €26

Both including VAT and shipping costs.
Shipping to NL only! Pick up in Delft possible in consultation

You can also order multiple blends or give a blend as a gift!

Background about essential oils
Essential oils are natural substances produced by plants themselves. More specifically, it is the aromatic molecules that give plants their specific scent. These small, light molecules can be distilled from the plant by pressing or steaming the plant.

I work with oils from Dōterra and Chi Natural Life. These are both brands that I know use 100% natural ingredients and harvest fairly. The farmers receive a fair price for their work and the plants, trees and flowers are not harvested more than is necessary and good for the existence of the plant species.

Scent & emotions
Smell affects our mood more than we think. Just think of the smell of sunscreen. For one this scent is directly linked to summer and relaxation. For the others it’s accompanied by frustration and stickiness.
Everyone associates differently and therefore experiences scents differently. However, scents can also influence or support our mood. That’s because our sense of smell resides in the same part of ​​our brain as our emotions and memories. When we smell something, it is instantly linked to a memory and/or emotion. We use this process when we use essential oil to reinforce an intention or theme.