Life changes. So do you.

Where do you want to go, darling?

I am not here to fix you.

I am walking my path. And I invite you to walk with me.

We share.
We play.
We cry.
We practice.
We are whole.
We live.
With an open heart. One breath at a time.

We are here to make it sacred.


This month! OCTOBER

Workshop in Dutch – two dates – at Leiden:

“Troost & steun met geur & schrijven: Marcella en Hanneke”
A workshop about support – comforting yourself – consolation. Learning about these themes and yourself through writing, meditaion and blending your own essential oils.

Hanneke is a body-oriented therapist who learned a lot about grieve and tears the last years. Through this proces her ‘Tranenhuisjes’ were born (see picture), which you can use in a ritual to honor and at the same time let go of your tears, pain, or grief.

To celebrate the ’tranenhuisjes’, we wanted to share this workshop with you and help you feel the support of your own body, writing and the personal blend you will create.

Saturday October 8th from 10.00 – 13.00, bonus version 3 hours
Wednesday October 26th from 10.00 – 12.00, shorter version 2 hours


What I have to share with you:

Podcast & videos

Freely accessible gifts with wisdom (see below)

Personal Oil Blend

A special blend of essential oils, custom made for you and your intention. Shipping to the Netherlands only.

Online Journal Masterclass

Learn how to create a purpose journal.

Podcast: Show up and Surrender.
Listen to this podcast, where Biddy, me and other co-hosts & guests share more about how we show up for ourselves in day to day life and; how we surrender to whatever we find there.

Online summit: Cirkel van Veerkracht/ Circle of Resilience
Online, sacred conversations about resilience, where Marike van IJssel and I talk to different women that inspire us about their stories and practices to live resiliently with an open heart.

‘A woman feels her power, when her vice is being heard, so listen’ – Karen Drucker